Couch to 10K
Training Program

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NOTICE: For the health and safety of all us, we are rescheduling the start of Couch to 10K to May 13th. We remain optimistic that the Couch to 10K program and your preparation for the Midnight Sun Run will happen. We are planning a seven-week condensed training schedule leading up to the Midnight Sun Run. We believe we can do it!

Please feel free to email us with any questions:

Stay well and we look forward to seeing you in May!


Couch to 10K

May 13th -June 17th, 2020  
Monday 5:30PM & Wednesday 5:30PM

Registration Cost
Adults $15 $25 with t-shirt
Youth 12 and under $10 $20 with t-shirt

  • Meet at different community locations every week
  • All ages and abilities welcomed
  • Family friendly workout
  • Weekly walk-ins welcome
  • Train with running coach Susan Kramer
  • Workouts include sections of the Midnight Sun Run course
  • Participants can set up a weekly plan with Susan Kramer

Complete the full 10-week program to receive a FREE registration for 2020 Midnight Sun Run, Saturday, June 20th at 10pm!