Midnight Sun Run Emergency Preparedness 2024

Volunteers: Please read the following instructions. By checking “I Acknowledge,” you acknowledge that you understand and agree to follow the Midnight Sun Run Emergency Preparedness Protocol.

Prior to the race, volunteers will receive instructions on emergency protocol including:

  • Contact information for Race Personnel.
  • Location of first aid kits at the Start Line and Finish Line and along the course.
  • Incidents involving injury, emergency medical and lost kid/parents.
  •  Importance of HIPAA Privacy and Confidentiality.

Contact Race Personnel

In the event of an incident involving injury or property damage, volunteers should not speak to the media or answer inquiries about a participant’s condition or treatment or circumstances of the incident.  All inquiries should be directed to the Race Director.

On race day, Key Volunteers will receive an Accident and Incident Protocol Card with contact information for all key race personnel and accident/incident instructions.  The card will be attached to a lanyard for immediate access by the volunteer.

Location of First Aid Stations

First Aid Stations will be placed at the Volunteer Check-In Station at both the Start Line and the Finish Line and at water stations along the course.  Each station will display a sign indicating First Aid is available.  First Aid kits are available at the Start Line and Finish Line, the Race Transport Van and at the Water Stations on Wilcox Avenue and Riverview Drive.

Participant Injuries

If the injured person is mobile, volunteers will direct or assist them to the Volunteer Check-In/First Aid Station.  The volunteer at that site will follow emergency protocol and contact the Incident Coordinator if medical assistance is needed.

If the injured person is unable to go on their own or be assisted to the Volunteer Check-In/First Aid Station, but does not need an ambulance, contact Volunteer Check-In/First Aid Station for assistance.  There if available contact on-site medical personnel.

Heart Attacks

Race participants suspected of having a heart attack need immediate assistance.  Call 911 and request an ambulance. CPR should be administered immediately by any person certified in CPR.

An automated external defibrillator (AED) is located at the Finish Line First Aid Station.  Only individuals trained in AED can use AED equipment.  Designated individuals include Carrie Correia and Samantha Kennett.

Lost Kids/Lost Parents

Start Line

  1. Contact Race Director, Wendy Cloyd at 907-978-8642.
  2. Race Director will work with event emcee to locate lost parents.
  3. Follow the SafeSport protocol (no adult alone with child).

Finish Line

  1. Contact Finish Line Coordinator, Samantha Kennett at 803-720-6041.
  2. Finish Line Coordinator will work with event emcee to locate lost parents.
  3. Follow the SafeSport protocol (no adult alone with child).


The privacy and confidentiality of individuals is important. Do not, at any time, discuss protected health information (PHI) which includes a person’s name, address or birthdate. If an individual is involved in an incident, do not discuss the person’s physical condition or any assistance given by Midnight Sun Run volunteers or first responders. In short, do not share any information that identifies a person.